Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It Can’t Rain All the Time

It’s raining in Los Angeles, and that always puts my in a strange mood. Those of you who are familiar with this city know that it almost never rains (or gets cold), so the few days of relatively inclimate weather often cause me to ruminate on the strangest of topics. Today, that topic is The Crow, and my assertion that The Crow is the most interesting comic to film adaptation ever.

Realize that I didn’t say the ‘best’ film adaptation, because that leaves the field wide open to all sorts of fanboy interpretations. We have been blessed of late with some incredible films (300, anyone), but The Crow is the most *interesting* comic to film adaptation because of not only the quality of the film, but of the story behind the film itself.

I’ve been thinking about this on and off since I had a hilarious dinner with a few comics/film/Wizard buddies this weekend at Wizard World LA. The Morton’s hostess ended up having to move us to a back room (we were yelling Arnold lines from Terminator/Predator/Commando - ‘let off some steam, Bennett!’), and in the midst of this madness we somehow got on the much more sedate topic of The Crow. This was a comic that the author wrote as a way to ease the pain about the death of the love of his life, only to have that book inadvertently cause the death of someone else. It was almost if this dark tale was destined to continue the morbid cycle; watching the film now you can’t help but get a chill when Brandon Lee emerges from the ground after having been killed.

Ok, I promise a less maudlin blog tomorrow. It certainly doesn’t help that I’m also listening to The Cure right now. And I’m dressed all in black today. Excuse me while I go get all emo on someone.


PS – The Hills Have Eyes 2 opens this Friday; be sure to check out the amazing new 28 Weeks Later trailer too!

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