Thursday, March 29, 2007

The 28 Day Countdown

Two things are making me very happy today – the final files for The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning graphic novel have been sent over to our publisher, HarperCollins, and today marks the one-week countdown to the release of 28 Days Later: The Aftermath, the first release from Fox Atomic Comics! Keep checking the site for more info, and be sure to grab a copy at your local comics shop or bookstore next week!

I just realized that I didn’t post my New Comics Day pull list from yesterday either… oops. Well, here ‘tis:

Grendel Devil By The Deed HC
100 Bullets #82
52 Week #47
Action Comics #847
Batman #664
DMZ #17 (!!!!)
Fables #59
Green Lantern #18
Black Panther #26
Daredevil #95
Fantastic Four #544
Heroes For Hire #8
Ultimate Spider-Man #107
Ultimate X-Men #80
Wolverine #52


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