Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I Love Wednesday

Happy Singles Awareness Day (or, as the Hallmark Corporation insists upon calling it, “Valentine’s Day”). Not even the horrifying specter of that devil Cupid could taint what is consistently my favorite day of the week: new comics day! No matter what, come Hell or forced holiday, I always look forward to Wednesday.

If you happen to be hanging around Hi-De-Ho comics in Santa Monica tonight, stop by and say hi as I collect the following new books:

52 (Week #41)
Batman #663
Friday the 13th #3
Gen 13 #5
Green Arrow #71
Green Lantern Corps #9
Sandman Mystery Theatre Sleep Of Reason #3
Y: The Last Man #54
Battlestar Galactica (whatever the title; I’m such a BSG nut it’s not even funny)
Casanova #7
Astonishing X-Men #20
Exiles #91
Nextwave #12 (I LOVE Nextwave)

What books are you looking forward to? Let me know; leave a comment below.


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