Monday, February 12, 2007

The Black Costume

Although I could prattle on about the subject for days, this section will not be devoted exclusively to musings about Fox Atomic Comics. Nope, all things near and dear to my geeky heart are fair game, including comics (naturally), video games, baseball, heavy weaponry (I am a Texan, after all), as well as a host of other topics. To kick things off I thought I’d start with something that has piqued my interest as of late: Spider-Man’s new costume.

As you may have heard (well, if you’re a comics fan anyway), Spider-Man has switched back to the black and white costume that he wore for a brief period in the 80s. I, for one, am very stoked that Spidey has gone back to the black costume. Why? Quite simply, I think it’s the cleanest, most elegant outfit that has ever been designed for a super-hero (and that’s including my all-time favorite character, Batman). The outfit also makes sense, since Spider-Man spends most of his time out at night anyway. Plus it just looks damn cool.

Rumor has it that the costume was well liked by artists at the time because it made their jobs a lot easier. I can see why; I sure as hell wouldn’t want to have to draw all of those webs on Spidey’s costume in every single panel. Then again, my rendition of Spider-Man would probably look like a badly-drawn stick figure anyway.

It’s also interesting to note is that this summer’s Spider-Man 3 also shows Spidey donning the black costume. Coincidence that Spidey’s also switched duds in the comics series too? Nah…

What do you think? Agree/disagree/don’t really care either way? Let me know; leave a comment below.


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