Monday, October 1, 2007

Mondaze – Sponsored by Halo 3 and Comic Books

So this weekend was a good one. Why, you ask? All I can say is that Halo 3 and comics are the key ingredient to any good weekend. I don’t do the all-geek weekend all that often (normally social situations get in the way… grrr), but this weekend was blissful. I beat Halo (naturally), and overall was a bit under whelmed by the story but since the game rocks so hard all is forgiven.

I’ll post some thoughts on the comics I read tomorrow, but I finally got around to reading one that really stood out: Brian Wood’s Local #10. I have been following this book for quite some time (started with issue #1 when I was still living in Manhattan), so Local holds a special place in my heart. I’m not sure what the original publishing schedule was supposed to be, but considering I haven’t lived in NY for going on two years now that tells you something. Normally I would bemoan irregular books (such as All-Star Batman, which again is forgivable because it’s so damn good), but local stands as an example of reason #2465 why I love comics so: just like music, reading a particular book or back issue can take you to a different place in your life. Local is one of those books for me.

Back to business for a bit: the positive Nightmare Factory graphic novel reviews keep rolling on in! We got another good one below, and check out the FEARNET.COM link for your change to win a copy of your very own!



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