Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Final Cut

My favorite movie of all time is Blade Runner. Why, you might ask? One word: mood. Blade Runner is perhaps one of the most evocative movies ever; the story, cinematography, acting, and especially the score all exist in a rare cinematic symbiosis that truly creates a ‘world’ that feels decaying and ‘lived in’. It’s also one of those movies that gets better each time you watch it.

I had the privilege of seeing Ridley Scott’s ‘Final Cut’ of the film last night on a big, big screen in LA. Wow. I had never seen such a large, clean print (could have been digital, it was that pretty) of the film, and I was absolutely blown away. What made me happy was that Scott didn’t ‘Lucas-ize’ the movie, so don’t expect any extra Spinners, dancing CGI lounge singers, or wholly superfluous cameos from Jabba the Hutt (I still cringe every time I see that scene that was added to the first Star Wars… yes, I do refuse to call it ‘Episode Four’). I was, though, a bit miffed at two specific changes: the revision of “I want more life, $%^&$%” to “I want more life, father”, and a subtle change that finally closed the loop on the ‘extra Replicant’ plot-hole. But yes, I am a geek, and these things do bother me.

The film is currently playing in both New York and Los Angeles, so do check it out if you’re a fan of the film (but after you go see The Comebacks this weekend… naturally….)

Also, in case you missed it yesterday, the SpikeTV Scream Awards also tape on Friday, and yours truly will be there because we have not one, but TWO of our Fox Atomic Comics graphic novels up for awards (both “28 Days Later: The Aftermath” and “The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning”)! Wish us luck!

Also, keep an eye out for a special Nightmare Factory-related goodie coming next week!


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