Thursday, September 6, 2007

All Nightmare Factory, All the Time (cont…)

Just a reminder – The Nightmare Factory graphic novel hits comic and book stores everywhere THIS WEEK, and to celebrate we’re hosting a week-long kegger at the Fox Atomic Comics mansion! I wish. Nay, I have something better to offer: fine, fine Nightmare Factory linkage! (the crowd goes mild):

- The fine folks over at Aint It Cool News have posted a great contest for The Nightmare Factory, whereby you can submit your worst nightmare for a chance to win a Thomas Ligotti-autographed copy of the graphic novel! Check it out HERE (, and stay tuned for their review of the book next week!

- We’ve also slightly the Fox Atomic Comics MySpace Profile ( to feature a fun video that goes into detail about what it takes to make a graphic novel! This video was produced for our second graphic novel, The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning, and debuted as an exclusive on The Hills Have Eyes 2 DVD. Check it out for all sorts of cool interviews, including one with me in my fat suit.

- I’m also going to be pimping this all week, so be sure to head over to the MySpace Comic Book profile ( to see an EXCLUSIVE preview of the complete Ben Templesmith story!

Please do be sure to pick up a copy of The Nightmare Factory – it makes the perfect Halloween gift for that random Goth friend you have (but never talk to), so do please pick up a copy or two to warm his or her black little heart. Not sold yet? Well, have some reviews! (A- REVIEW)
"...if Fox Comics (continues) to put out fantastic titles like "The Nightmare Factory" they will be a force to be reckoned with…"

"a winning combination of diverse comic book talent and masterful storytelling that will appeal to readers who appreciate horror of the more cerebral variety."

Arrow in the (A mixed review overall; this is a heavy book!)
“The artwork was superb across the board and was the highlight of the whole experience. However, if you're a fan of Ligotti or the likes of Poe and Lovecraft, and you're looking for something to curl up to this fall to get your 'creep' on, then I'd recommend picking THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY up and giving it a whirl.”


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