Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Hills Have MORE Reviews

As you (should) know, The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning is in stores RIGHT NOW, and the excellent reviews keep rolling in! Check this blurb from the review by those fine folks over at MANIA.COM:

“I normally eschew licensed comics. But, The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning is a fantastic, gritty examination of how far people will go when you force them to survive. But, it is also intensely violent and frequently disturbing, both for its graphic depictions and its portrayal of humanity at its worst. John Higgins’s art brings the pain in ways I haven’t seen in a long time. This story serves to forcefully remind you of the terrible things people will perpetrate against each other. It also reminds you of the equally terrible backlash that often follows. You can almost detect a subtle commentary about the Iraq war within the work. But, first and foremost, Palmiotti and Gray tell a story that drags you through the mud and keeps you interested the entire time. But, while you feel a small measure of sympathy for Karen Bean and her mutant children, that sympathy gives way to disgust about the entire situation and all involved – the National Guard, the mutants, and the townspeople that shun them. Any smug that’s-what-you-get moralizing dissipates and you feel sorry that the entire situation happened in the first place.”

Makes you wanna read it, no? It’s good so just go buy the bloody thing so I can take off my purple pimp hat (with huge plume) every once in a while.


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