Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Hills Have a DVD

Today marks the release of The Hills Have Eyes 2 on DVD! If you pick up the disc there's a really cool 'making of' feature that explores the background and creation of The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning, which features interviews with writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, artist John Higgins (taped in London), editor Heidi MacDonald, colorist Dennis Calero, and yours truly (hiding in my fat suit). I was very impressed with the feature; it's quite nicely put together. IGN.com reviewed the Hills Have Eyes 2 DVD a week or so ago, and had very nice things to say about the aforementioned ‘making of’:

“Finally, the hands-down best piece of content is the engaging, dynamically-produced look at the making of the Hills Have Eyes which, not shockingly, has nothing to do with the film itself. Featuring interviews with the comic creators and some captivating glimpses at the creation of a graphic novel, this feature illustrates how the writers have taken the basic premise and built out sixty years of prequel history that the viewer actually finds themselves wanting to read.”


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