Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Live on Two Sites!

That's right - one site just wasn't big enough. The new Fox Atomic Comics profile page is now live on MySpace.com! I'm still trying to wrap my head around it all, since this blog is now syndicated to both the Fox Atomic Comics page on Foxatomic.com (LINK HERE), as well as on the new MySpace page (LINK HERE). So, a big welcome to all those visiting on MySpace, and for those on Foxatomic.com be sure to head over and check out the new profile!

I love the new MySpace profile (and a big thanks / shout out to Fabian, Andre, Mikster, Regean, Karni, and the Fox Atomic online team for building it). We have all the requisite links to check out previews of our current and upcoming graphic novels, a media player where we'll program our animated content (such as the entire animated Stage One from the 28 Days Later: The Aftermath book), a specific MySpace blog for... MySpace blogging..., and much, more will be added as we move forward.

Also, stay tuned to the MySpace Comics Profile (LINK HERE) on Wednesday for a special Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning surprise...


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