Thursday, June 28, 2007

Exclusive Hills Pages!

Jonesing for a sneak peek at the upcoming Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning graphic novel? We’ll quit scratching at your arm and swatting at those bugs that may or may not be crawling all over you, because the pusher-man has your fix. Both Aint It Cool News (which also posted a glowing review) and MySpace Comics have pages from the opening of the book for you to peruse – check ‘em out!


The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning graphic novel is already getting some rave reviews; if you’re on the Fox Atomic Comics MySpace page, check them out in the blog below.

Finally, I went to see Live Free or Die Hard on the lot yesterday. Now, I consider the first Die Hard to be the best American action movie ever made, but the PG-13 rating on this one definitely had me nervous. I must admit, though, that I was pleasantly surprised! If you like your movies big, loud, and full of extraneous Kevin Smith cameos, then Die Hard is definitely for you.


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