Friday, June 15, 2007

Fantastic Four 2

I caught a screening of "Rise of the Silver Surfer" on the lot this morning; I have to admit, I liked it. Going into the film I had read all of the fanboy gripes (especially in regards to Galactus' design), but on it's own the film stands quite well. However (and I may catch heat for this, given it's a Fox film and all), but I'm going to voice my own geeky complaint: I still don't like that dude who plays Doom. I love Dr. Doom, but Doom is NOT some annoying pretty boy. But that's my only real complaint - I had a good time with the film, and recommend that you go check it out!


PS - anyone else catch the subtle nod to the classic Galactus design? Points if you did; I thought that was very well done.

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