Friday, May 18, 2007

Weekend of Horrors

Today’s post isn’t 100% comics-related, but my geek heart is all a-twitter for this weekend because it’s the annual Fangoria Weekend of Horrors in scenic Burbank! There will be some amazing guests (check out THIS LINK for the full list), and give me a shout if you plan to be in attendance as well (I’ll be there with the crew on Saturday).

Bringing things back full circle, it goes without saying that many of the biggest names in the horror/sci-fi world are comics fans. What I think is cool is how many of these people are actually producing their own comics! From the aforementioned RAW Studios (movie star Thomas Jane), whose titles include Bad Planet and the current Alien Pig Farm (which I love) to rocker/filmmaker Rob Zombie, these talented folks are transcending their respective mediums to produce comics they truly love. Gotta love that passion.


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